The Power of Practice

From the Archives Brain studies show that no matter what age we are, we can still grow new connections in our brain. I cite several studies in my workshops about how scientists have actually measured certain brain parts to validate that practice makes your brain bigger for

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The Relationship Between Trust and Prosperity

From the Archives Just a few years ago, a survey was taken to measure trust in various countries. The measure was the “general ability for any two people to trust each other in a society.” The Scandinavian countries scored highest, at 65% for Norway and 60% for

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Can Business Leaders and Neuroscientists Collaborate?

From the Archives If you put today’s best business leaders and neuroscientists in a room together, what would the conversations sound like? What would they be able to offer each other? Here are the potential rewards and the challenges in such a partnership. What Neuroscience Can Offer

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Why We Break New Year’s Resolutions

From the Archives I don’t mean to be pessimistic, but have you broken your New Year’s resolution yet? Don’t feel bad; most people have by February. I think the reason is that we know that accomplishing them won’t really make us happier in the long run. Take

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Unlocking the Advanced Functions of Your Brain

From the Archives For me, happiness includes tapping some of the higher powers of my mind. You may have heard about some of these powers as reported by yogis or monks who live and meditate in caves. You might not even believe in them, especially if you

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The Science of Everyday Behavior

From the Archives A common question this week from my audiences has been “I have a son (or daughter or niece or nephew) who is unhappy – even depressed –and struggling to find his way. Is there anything that can be done?” My answer is an emphatic

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Setting Goals That Bring Happiness

From the Archives What do goals have to do with happiness? There’s a myth perpetrated by some motivational speakers about how only a small percentage of people (3%) have written goals and subsequently have made ten times more money than those who didn’t. I can’t vouch for

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Strengthen Your Memory

From the Archives Bert Hayslip, psychology professor at University of North Texas, says it’s a myth that once you’ve lost an intellectual ability, you can never regain it. Studies from Europe show that the brain is plastic, which is another word in science-speak for malleable and changeable.

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Is Multi-Tasking A Good Thing?

From the Archives We each have 24 hours in a day and some of us try to cram an enormous amount of tasks into our schedules. One way to maximize our output is to multi-task or to do more than one thing at once. Or is it?

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Raising the Baseline on Being Our Best

From the Archives In the West, we are awesome at curing diseases. We have the latest technology, fancy teaching hospitals, incredible diagnostic aids, and drugs – wow do we have the drugs to cure anything and everything. We can help people who are sick get well. Got

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