BrainWays 30-Day Brain Health Challenge

BrainWays 30-Day Brain Health Challenge

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Photo of young couple running on the coastline in the morning, BrainWays 30-Day Brain Health ChallengeCommit to doing something good for your brain every day for 30 days. Most of these take only a few minutes each day. National Brain Awareness Week just ended March 19, 2017, so start today to celebrate and reward your brain! From the tasks below, put together your own 30-day brain agenda and tape it to your refrigerator door. It’s OK to repeat any of the tasks; the brain loves practice.

  1. Enjoy a dish of fresh blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries. Full of brain-loving anti-oxidants.
  2. Meditate on your breath for 15 minutes.
  3. Take a run or brisk walk for 20 minutes. Aerobic exercise is the best kind for the brain.
  4. Get so involved in a work task or hobby that you lose track of time. Good for concentration.
  5. Go dancing. Great for the brain.
  6. Play a round of chess. One of the best activities for building deep thinking and planning skills.
  7. Eat fish today. Wild salmon or whitefish is best. Avoid swordfish and others with too much mercury.
  8. Learn to play a musical instrument.
  9. Socialize with friends. Yep, getting together with friends is great for the brain.
  10. Shut your office door, turn off the phones and email, and enjoy the quiet for 15 minutes.
  11. Read a book.
  12. Fully observe your surroundings. What do you see, hear, smell, taste, feel?
  13. Give a friend a sincere compliment.
  14. Swim a couple of laps in the nearby pool.
  15. Eat a healthy portion of spinach, broccoli, or carrots.
  16. Memorize a passage from a book or several of your friends’ phone numbers. This will give your working memory a workout.
  17. Drink a cup of green tea, loaded with anti-oxidants.
  18. Take a yoga class. Good for the body as well as stress-reduction.
  19. Ride your bike for 30 minutes. You can also try the stationary bike at the gym.
  20. Eat a liberal portion of tomatoes.
  21. Meditate on an object for at least fifteen minutes.
  22. Think of three things you are grateful for in your life.
  23. Play Scrabble, work crossword puzzles, or try another word game, but only if you haven’t done it before. New activity is the best for building strong brains.
  24. Enjoy nature through gardening or a walk in a park.
  25. Listen to relaxing music to unwind after a stressful day.
  26. Add garlic to your meal.
  27. Spend 20 minutes on the stair machine at the gym.
  28. Keep your mood positive.
  29. Work a math problem in your head.
  30. Be mindful and fully present while doing a task.

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