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Ending on a Good Note

From the Archives Want to make the best of a bad situation or make a good event more positive? Welcome to the peak-and-end rule. The peak-and-end rule refers to the way we remember, and therefore evaluate, events of the past. It says that two points in any

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BrainWays 30-Day Brain Health Challenge

From the Archives Commit to doing something good for your brain every day for 30 days. Most of these take only a few minutes each day. National Brain Awareness Week just ended March 19, 2017, so start today to celebrate and reward your brain! From the tasks

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A Parrot’s Powerful Lessons

From the Archives In my November Meetup group, I asked the question, “Is punishment and reward the most effective learning method?” The answer is no, and most people got the answer right. All you have to do is think of teenagers to know that punishment and reward doesn’t

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Connection… Interrupted

From the Archives A study was conducted on a college campus walkway where a researcher stopped and asked a person for directions to a nearby campus building. During the time the participant was in the middle of giving directions to the researcher, a construction worker carrying a

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You’re Exaggerating

From the Archives One of our brain’s most important functions is to maximize our survival, and the fear system is a major component of that. The whole reason we feel fear is because a threat to our safety has been detected. So fear is really our own

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The Power of Practice

From the Archives Brain studies show that no matter what age we are, we can still grow new connections in our brain. I cite several studies in my workshops about how scientists have actually measured certain brain parts to validate that practice makes your brain bigger for

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The Relationship Between Trust and Prosperity

From the Archives Just a few years ago, a survey was taken to measure trust in various countries. The measure was the “general ability for any two people to trust each other in a society.” The Scandinavian countries scored highest, at 65% for Norway and 60% for

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Can Business Leaders and Neuroscientists Collaborate?

From the Archives If you put today’s best business leaders and neuroscientists in a room together, what would the conversations sound like? What would they be able to offer each other? Here are the potential rewards and the challenges in such a partnership. What Neuroscience Can Offer

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Unlocking the Advanced Functions of Your Brain

From the Archives For me, happiness includes tapping some of the higher powers of my mind. You may have heard about some of these powers as reported by yogis or monks who live and meditate in caves. You might not even believe in them, especially if you

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The Science of Everyday Behavior

From the Archives A common question this week from my audiences has been “I have a son (or daughter or niece or nephew) who is unhappy – even depressed –and struggling to find his way. Is there anything that can be done?” My answer is an emphatic

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