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A Parrot’s Powerful Lessons

From the Archives In my November Meetup group, I asked the question, “Is punishment and reward the most effective learning method?” The answer is no, and most people got the answer right. All you have to do is think of teenagers to know that punishment and reward doesn’t

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Happinesss Equals High Performance

From the Archives We all want to be happier, but did you know there is a high correlation between happiness and high performance? Studies show that happier people: Produce superior work outcomes Enjoy a higher income Have good ideas and more creativity Are empowered more, requiring less

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Who Is Happy?

From the Archives In what country do the happiest people live? The least happy? In a study of 41 nations, scientists found that life satisfaction varies on a 10-point scale from a high of 8.39 reported in Switzerland to a low of 5.03 reported in Bulgaria. The

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Why We Break New Year’s Resolutions

From the Archives I don’t mean to be pessimistic, but have you broken your New Year’s resolution yet? Don’t feel bad; most people have by February. I think the reason is that we know that accomplishing them won’t really make us happier in the long run. Take

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Unlocking the Advanced Functions of Your Brain

From the Archives For me, happiness includes tapping some of the higher powers of my mind. You may have heard about some of these powers as reported by yogis or monks who live and meditate in caves. You might not even believe in them, especially if you

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Setting Goals That Bring Happiness

From the Archives What do goals have to do with happiness? There’s a myth perpetrated by some motivational speakers about how only a small percentage of people (3%) have written goals and subsequently have made ten times more money than those who didn’t. I can’t vouch for

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Raising the Baseline on Being Our Best

From the Archives In the West, we are awesome at curing diseases. We have the latest technology, fancy teaching hospitals, incredible diagnostic aids, and drugs – wow do we have the drugs to cure anything and everything. We can help people who are sick get well. Got

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