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Ending on a Good Note

From the Archives Want to make the best of a bad situation or make a good event more positive? Welcome to the peak-and-end rule. The peak-and-end rule refers to the way we remember, and therefore evaluate, events of the past. It says that two points in any

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BrainWays 30-Day Brain Health Challenge

From the Archives Commit to doing something good for your brain every day for 30 days. Most of these take only a few minutes each day. National Brain Awareness Week just ended March 19, 2017, so start today to celebrate and reward your brain! From the tasks

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Fearless in Fiji

From the Archives On the sunny island of Vatoa in Fiji, I took one step off the boat onto the beach and was immediately kidnapped by giggling Elina, a fourth grader, and bashful Wadolia, a second grader. Each took my hand and led me into and around

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Addicted to Distractions

From the Archives Workers feel pressured to get so much done during the day that they often multi-task. When you adopt this hurry-up mindset, you can get addicted to it without realizing it is happening. How often have you checked your email (or Twitter or Facebook or

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Why We Break New Year’s Resolutions

From the Archives I don’t mean to be pessimistic, but have you broken your New Year’s resolution yet? Don’t feel bad; most people have by February. I think the reason is that we know that accomplishing them won’t really make us happier in the long run. Take

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Strengthen Your Memory

From the Archives Bert Hayslip, psychology professor at University of North Texas, says it’s a myth that once you’ve lost an intellectual ability, you can never regain it. Studies from Europe show that the brain is plastic, which is another word in science-speak for malleable and changeable.

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Are You Afraid of Being Alone?

From the Archives Many people in the United States have a fear of being alone. Here’s my perspective on this topic. There are 7 billion people on the planet. If you feel you are alone, say in your bedroom, this is only an illusion of yours. You

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How Far Apart Is Your Ideal Future from Your Reality?

From the Archives Do you have dreams of vacationing in faraway lands with the partner of your fantasies? When you think about your business, do you expect it to turn around and for you to become a multi-millionaire any year now? Most of us have visions for

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What Goes In…

From the Archives If an alien landed on this planet and looked at humans, it would no doubt come to the conclusion that we hate ourselves, big time. If you look at your own world with fresh eyes, you might be shocked at how negative it is.

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