Executive Coaching Services

We offer one-on-one, private, confidential executive coaching on leadership development, career transition, and specific problem-solving.

Never before have we known so much about the normal, well brain. Scientists have now discovered a great deal about the connection between our brains and our work performance. Too often, this brilliant work stays in the university laboratories and never makes its way to the workplace. BrainWays is changing that.

Synthesizing this brain research from hundreds of labs around the world, we’ve developed over 50 easy-to-understand tools, activities, and mindset changes that you can use in your daily work life that will help you shape your brain for clearer thinking, emotional mastery, and effective leadership.

The tools from neuroscience are faster and more effective in terms of making transformations than the psychological tools that most coaches use. 

Our Coaching Process

The coaching process consists of a series of one-on-one leadership development meetings between you and Sandi over a period of time that are aimed at achieving an agreed-upon goal. They can be conducted face-to-face, via video call, or on the phone. The first session consists of goal-setting, gap analysis, and commitment to the process. Subsequent sessions are personalized and customized to meet your individual needs and goals. Homework is always assigned between sessions.

During the coaching sessions, Sandi listens deeply, provides support during your decision-making, helps point out perspective, and moves you out of your comfort zone. You are always in control and make your own decisions. The interaction is safe, completely confidential, and usually a nice confidence-booster for you. Sandi also provides aspects of planning, goal-setting, motivation, and suggests resources for books or other skill-building training.

Coaching is an employee development tool; it’s not counseling. People who are willing to be coached often leapfrog their peers because they gain new leadership ideas and skills from their coach. Although coaching is widely accepted in sports, Olympic competitions, health (personal trainers), and academia, coaching is still fairly new in the corporate world and provides a competitive edge to those who embrace it. Coaching opens a person’s mind, promotes greater candor, generates more respect from staff at all levels, and develops better skills to achieve strategic objectives.

“By implementing Sandi’s ideas, I had my best tax season everI have gained at least four hours a week by making changes to my daily routine – now I get more done without increasing the number of work hours! My day is more enjoyable, and my stress level has gone way down.” –Partner, Mid-sized CPA firm

In my first coaching call with Sandi, we increased my annual income by $7,200. And Sandi continues to show me various ways to keep growing that number with her practical, realistic, and non-nonsense approach. Through Sandi’s coaching, my business mindset is shifting so fast, and I’m loving it! She shows me the fears I didn’t even know I had, and frees me up from them by doing so. I feel so empowered after each coaching session with her.” – M.H.

Take the First Step

Imagine executive coaching that is designed specifically for the strengths and weaknesses of the human brain and the environment we work in. Outcomes such as behavior change become maximized without drama. Learning is accelerated. Leadership evolves to an entirely new level.

Become a part of our powerful coaching process and watch yourself grow and thrive. Contact us at 972-985-9129 or email support@sandismith.com to find out more.