Happinesss Equals High Performance

Happinesss Equals High Performance

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Happiness businessman sitting at the table with laptop, Happinesss Equals High Performance We all want to be happier, but did you know there is a high correlation between happiness and high performance? Studies show that happier people:

  • Produce superior work outcomes
  • Enjoy a higher income
  • Have good ideas and more creativity
  • Are empowered more, requiring less supervision
  • Have more energy and miss work less due to a bolstered immune system
  • Cope with stress better
  • Are more intelligent
  • Live longer (by 7.5 years, more than quitting smoking, exercising, or losing weight buys you)
  • Are more ethical than others
  • Get along better with others

It simply pays to have happier people in your employ. I could call the workshops I conduct happiness workshops instead of high performance workshops, but the bottom line is that it’s the same thing. When people are happier, they perform much higher than others who are grouchy or even neutral.

I’m on a personal campaign this year to stamp out as many toxic workplaces and bad bosses as I can. It’s not only horrible and disruptive for the talented employees in the workplace; it’s just bad for the bottom line. Let me know if your workplace needs an intervention; I’d love to help out.

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