Management Consulting Services

Our management consulting service areas include organizational culture, business development, digital branding, performance improvement, and strategy. We bring an insider advantage, but are known for our fresh innovation, including our neuroscience toolbox. Our results have been termed exponential and profound.

Some of the most common issues we work on include:

  • Why a change didn’t “take” and how (and whether) to re-launch it
  • The “talent shortage”
  • Resolution of conflicts among management
  • Strategies to earn a “Best Place to Work” award
  • Business growth decisions, processes, and opportunities
  • A neuroscientific analysis of policies to identify which ones detract from performance
  • Women’s advancement issues and acceleration
  • Redefining metrics for measuring results
  • And many more accounting firm issues

Our process typically begins with a custom assessment to determine your current performance along with identifying the highest payback actions to take toward your goals along with a roadmap to achieve high performance.

“We received tremendous value for our investment in your services.” –K.S.

“Strong leadership skills. Her strengths include excellent organizational and planning skills and the ability to get a team to execute effectively against planned goals. Her business perspective made her even more valuable. Hard-working and capable.” –L.G.

“Well respected for her intelligence and problem-solving abilities.” –T.A.

“A big asset to our business.” – S.P.

“The shareholders value and respect your opinion. Thanks for your time and effort with us.” –K.S.

“One of the most competent, responsible, and personable women with whom I have been associated. – M.B.

“Her integrity is unquestionable.” –G.W.

“Made my job easier. A great job!” –D.D.

“You’re a team player!” –E.R.

“Congratulations to you for your excellent teamwork and speedy results on this project.”

“Thanks for doing a terrific job, keeping us all rolling in the right direction at the right time. Super implementation!” –K.C.

Results Synergy

We most often provide a collaborative approach that blends coaching, training, and consulting into a seamless solution that is custom-tailored to your firm’s needs. We work with you to look for areas that will generate high-payback results for your firm.

Ready to unlock the hidden potential of your firm’s performance, profits, and people? Give us a call today at 972-985-9129 or email to schedule your complimentary, no-obligation consult with Sandi.