Keynotes, Breakouts, and Workshops

We offer the following programs to corporate and association audiences in the public accounting profession.  Each session can be tailored to a keynote or breakout as well as half- and full-day workshops.  All sessions are best delivered in person; however, some topics may be able to be delivered via webinar.  Contact us for details.

Six Characteristics of Effective CPA Leaders

Many of the skills needed to be a great accounting or tax expert are the opposite of what’s needed to be an effective CPA firm leader. Brain science has some fascinating solutions for this opportunity in the accounting profession. The first step is to learn the difference between what comes naturally for you and then discover the behavioral changes that will elevate you to the next level in your career.

In this motivational session, you’ll learn:

  • Six characteristics based on brain research for CPAs to develop to become an effective leader
  • How chemicals in our brains can hijack our behavior, how to watch out for this
  • One simple belief that has the potential to help you perform 15 percent better or 15 percent worse

Five Strategies to Fix the Talent Shortage

Top accounting firms are in a long-term war for talent. Accounting leaders need every edge they can to attract the best people to their firm.  This session will introduce five strategies that firms can take to win the talents wars.

In this innovative session, you’ll learn:

  • Five solutions to attract the best talent to your accounting firm
  • Which policies may be turning off applicants and why
  • The best way to fill your staffing pipeline

A Tale of Two Brains in the Boardroom: Mars and Venus

There are significant differences in the structure and chemistry of men’s and women’s brains which have huge implications in the workplace. Learning and understanding these changes can really make a difference in the performance of your team. This session will help you uncover biases, build collaboration, and optimize individual strengths.

In this enlightening session, you will learn:

  • Five ways that male and female brains differ
  • Several scary cognitive biases that we all have in our brains that influence our decision-making
  • The chemistry of emotion, its impact on behavior, and how to become more self-aware

High Performance Management

If you’re interested in rising far above the ordinary in work and life, this workshop will show you what it takes to become a high performer as well as how to develop and lead a team of high performers.  We’ll discuss what actions are most effective in developing productive, successful, and happy employees as well as what blocks workers from performing their best.  We’ll discuss cutting-edge brain research delivered in plain language, and we’ll present practical business applications you can implement immediately.

In this workshop, you will learn:

  • Two theories of high performance mindsets and their implications for success
  • The reasons that hold most people back from performing their best in life and work
  • How to create the ideal environment to foster high performance in everyone
  • How to manage long-term blocks to performance, including stress
  • Positive trends in culture and leadership that enable high performance in the workplace

Boost Your Brain Power

At the human brain’s very basic level, we are NOT naturally wired for success in the 21st century. The good news is we can change that when we become aware of how our brain works. This course will provide you with a foundation for maximizing your brain potential at home and work.  You’ll learn the building blocks of our brains’ functions – attention, memory, emotion, and cognition — and how boosting them will boost your workplace performance and productivity.

In this course, you’ll learn:

  • The two things your brain is naturally wired for
  • The concept of plasticity and how it impacts workplace performance
  • How to strengthen our attention and why it’s important
  • Whether multi-tasking is good for you or not
  • Five ways to improve our memory
  • How the brain processes positive and negative emotions

Booking Your Program
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